Charging the Marker/Clicker

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What is a Mark?

A mark is a word. "The fact is you can use any word or sound you are comfortable with as long as you are consistent."

I like to use the mark, this is a word I use everytime the dog gets something right my word is "YES" I like to use the mark as I am a bit clumsy with my hands when trying to hold a clicker, treats and a lead, and sometimes I forget my clicker, but I never forget my voice!

Clicker for dog training

What is a Clicker?

A clicker is a device that makes a clicking sound, usually when deliberately activated by its user.

They usually consist of a piece of thin metal or plastic held in a casing so that the metal is slightly torqued; depressing one end of the metal causes it to pop out of alignment and releasing it causes it to pop back into alignment, each time making a sharp click.

With some clickers, the user depresses the metal directly with thumb or finger; with others, a button extends above the surface of the casing so that depressing the button makes the metal click.

L'etoile recommends Marker/Clicker Training for your dog. This is a simple yet highly effective method, with the average dog owner in mind. You don't need to know much about dog training to use this method.

Basically, you want to "Mark" good behavior with the Marker/clicker. What this means is that you want to train your dog that whenever you Mark/Click (which means he has done something good).

The way we train the dog to respond to the Marker/Clicker is simply by marking/clicking and immediately treating the dog. It won't take your dog long to understand that whenever he hears the marker or your clicker he'll get a treat. This is an essential step in marker/clicker training your dog.

Step 1: Mark/Click and give your dog a treat. Step 2: Repeat about 30 times. This teaches your dog to associate the Mark/Cick with the treat. Step 3: To maintain this connection, it is important to follow the rule: Never click without treating and never treat without clicking.